The Thursday Singer Song Nighter mit SPEAKING SILENCES

Don 21.12.2017 - 21:20
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Singing, Writing, Guitaring

A sound in the silence – a guitar, a voice, a bass, a voice; a song. Torn from the heart, delivered with a fevered soul. Speaking? A whisper, a first whisper:

Now let the empty words corrode
That feed upon your roaring soul
There was a hint a whispered line
A waltz composed in dead man’s time
Something too beautiful to grasp
Making thaw that iron mask
That like a wintry icy blur
Had covered up the dreams that stir
Beneath our fragile, fevered skin –
This life it is a wondrous thing.

A striking voice breaks the silence, joins a guitar and sings, cries and whispers songs of sorrow, anger and hope. Some of them are of the kind which disrupts the alienation of shoppers on the streets and makes them look up for a second, others you’d love to take home and keep for your own.

Speaking Silences is currently living in Vienna and working on his third Album.

Benjamin Block – voc, g